Slack Etiquette

  1. Follow the flowchart above.
  2. When posting a link always include at least one sentence about what the link contains, and why you think it is relevant to the people in the channel. Links to messages or channels are exempt from this rule.
  3. If there are more than 3 people in a channel always reply in threads.
  4. Have specific channels, luckily following the flow chart automatically fixes this.
  5. Use reactions. Reactions are a super convenient way to vote. But also instead of reply messages:
    * agree = 👍 +1,
    * me too = plusone,
    * thank you = 🙏 pray,
    * appreciate it = ❤️ heart,
    * interesting = 👀 eyes,
    * get well soon = 🍎 apple,
    * spot on = 🎯 dart,
    * should have been a thread = thread,
    * yes/no = ✔️ heavy_check_mark/❌ x, and
    * you can easily add custom ones, ie. we have icons for every customer
  6. You should spend at least one second per person who is on the channel you are posting in on the message.
  7. Messages in public channels should be readable by anyone, eg. by being in English.
  8. Put automation in separate channels.
  9. Don’t use @here, @channel, or @everyone unless your post is both urgent and important.
  10. If you outgrow a channel leave it.
  11. State explicitly in the description of a channel “how” mandatory it is, eg. “read at least once a week”, or “optional”
  12. Use links to messages when referring to them, and never re-post something, just post a link.
  13. Have a “411 channel” where people can ask “which channel is relevant for …” if you don’t know where to post something, or whether you should join more channels.
  • #location-must-read for important messages for everyone, "read at least once a week".
  • #location for stuff that is relevant if you are in the office, like arranging lunch.
  • #location-radio for random stuff like sharing a link you mentioned to someone from the office.
  • #location-robot for scheduled posts, so they are easy to find and don't clutter in the 'human channels'.
  • While your organization is new to Slack, make a bunch of channels, and see what sticks, delete what doesn’t. Remember: Channels are free.
  • While you are new to Slack, join lots of channels quickly until you find the ones that fit you, leave the ones that don’t.




I live by my mentor’s words: “The key to being consistently brilliant is: hard work, every day.”

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Christian Clausen

Christian Clausen

I live by my mentor’s words: “The key to being consistently brilliant is: hard work, every day.”

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