New year, new goals!

  • What did I set out to achieve in 2021?
  • What did I accomplish?
  • How will a successful 2022 look?

Looking back: 2021

Practice building high-quality software

Improve my musical skills

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  • “Five temptations of a CEO” ✔️— I felt like this was just a shallow retelling of the more excellent book “Five dysfunctions of a team.
  • A seat at the table ✔️— I enjoyed it. Especially the first half. The contractor-control paradigm was beneficial to me as a consultant!


Looking forward: 2022

  • Strangers — I want to bring joy by inspiring and persuading people to build better software, use better tools, and learn more techniques.
  • Close relations — I want to bring joy by designing an experience for someone in my life.
  • Myself — I want to increase joy by trying to become a better human and adult.
  • Writing, speaking, selling (L)
    Since I completed my book, I have taken a break from writing, so now I think it is time to get back into it a bit, maybe by writing blog posts, perhaps something else.
    Now that corona is becoming endemic, I also want to resume my interest in public speaking. I cannot predict which, if any, conferences I will speak at, but I will submit a bunch of calls-for-paper.
    Finally, with our forthcoming public launch, I need to learn how to sell a product.
  • Make a wooden toy (M)
    As my siblings and friends are growing the human race, I have decided to revive an ancient project. I will try to make a marble run toy similar to the one of Matthias Wandel.
  • Be more generous (S)
    I have been very fortunate with my career and general circumstances. Therefore I intend to increase my regular donations to charities in the categories: reduce sickness, protect kids, increase education.
  • Get fit (S)
    Like many others, I put on some ‘rona-weight, which I am still trying to shed. I plan to dedicate a few hours every week to cardio, like playing squash. In addition, I may adjust my calory intake.
  • Get organized (S)
    I live alone and stay very busy. Therefore my home can be pretty messy sometimes. Having an untidy environment can be both embarrassing and stressful. I want to find a sustainable solution to this.
  • Become stylish (S)
    When I studied theater, we had a rule of never bringing anything to the stage without using it. Therefore I try to match my outfit to the task I have to solve that day. When I was a business consultant, my wardrobe consisted of suits. I transitioned it to shirts with funny Easter eggs when I was a teacher. Now I am a coach, which means my tasks are varied, and I talk with people from every organization layer. Therefore I think it is time to get a youthful elegant wardrobe.
  • Gain perspective (S)
    I have long wanted to get into meditation. Last year I mentioned this to a performance coach, and he suggested that I read something by Ken Wilber, a philosopher and spiritualist. My knowledge and background are pretty specialized, so I think studying spirituality could give me some interesting food for thought.



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Christian Clausen

Christian Clausen

I live by my mentor’s words: “The key to being consistently brilliant is: hard work, every day.”