Improvement Mondays

A step towards continuous improvement

Models for reserving 20%

Add 20% to all tickets

Reserve every 5th person

Reserve every 5th sprint

Reserve every 5th day

Why Mondays

How to run an improvement Monday

  • Team health [7 minutes]
    We start the day with a health check from the Spotify model. This is to assess whether there is improvement and detect any unusual drops in any area.
  • Pitch ’n’ recruit [7 minutes]
    Then it is time to pitch what we want to work on. Any team member can suggest anything they would like to work on, and also specifies whether they need assistance. While the options are pitched, people can choose which they want to collaborate with. As general advice, there should always be at least two people per task.
  • Specify goal [10 minutes]
    When the groups are formed they spend the first 10 minutes coming up with an action for the day. This helps to keep focus and make sure we are productive. We recommend writing these on post-its and putting them on a board for everyone to see.
  • Focus time
    Groups work together trying to solve the goal. To boost teamwork and knowledge sharing we recommend doing pair or mob programming here.
  • Review [15 minutes]
    The day concludes with a short review; did we solve the action we specified? Why/why not?
  • Mini-retro (LLL) [15 minutes]
  • What did we Love about today?
  • What did we Learn today?
  • What did today Lack? (Ie. should be changed next time)

Suggested topics

  • Reduce technical debt
  • Experiment with ways of working on regular features
  • Experiment with new tools
  • Experiment with new features
  • Study, read, watch tutorials, listen to podcasts
  • Automate manual process



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Christian Clausen

I live by my mentor’s words: “The key to being consistently brilliant is: hard work, every day.”