Color correction for streaming

A step-by-step guide on how to do color correction in OBS.

Part 1: Getting the reference color map and image

Color correction in OBS is done through something called a LUT filter that uses a color map. Therefore, the first step is to get the reference color map. We also need to take a reference photo with the color board.

  1. Launch OBS
  2. Create a scene with no filters and add the webcam with no filters.
  3. While holding up the color board, take a screenshot and save it to the desktop. Note: if the light is skewed towards one color, that may mess up the result.

Part 2: Correcting the colors

Having gathered the raw materials, it is time to do the color correction. We will be using DaVinci Resolve to do the actual color correction, so:

  1. Launch DaVinci Resolve and create a new project. Go to the “Cut” mode at the bottom:

Part 3: Adding the LUT filter in OBS

Now that we have the corrected color map, we are finished with Resolve and can put it into OBS.

  1. Open up the “Apply LUT” filter we added to the scene in part 1.
  2. Hit browse again and locate the file we made in part 2.
Before color correction (left) and after



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