A step towards continuous improvement

An alternative approach than the Flow Framework.

Let’s clear up some common misconceptions.

  • about…

Why I think core values are important and how I use mine.


An overview of the tools we use in DevOps.

How I set myself up for success with my new year’s resolutions


PoC or MVP? Are they even different?


A step-by-step guide on how to do color correction in OBS.


A hands-on introduction to microservices in Java


  1. Its low barrier to entry — due to gradual typing and type inference.
  2. Its versatility — compiling to JavaScript, means it can run on almost anything.
  3. Its high ceiling — there is virtually no skill-cap to TypeScript’s type system…

Christian Clausen

I live by my mentor’s words: “The key to being consistently brilliant is: hard work, every day.”

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